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Celebrating the New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Books of 2015

Yesterday I was delighted to be at a very special event honoring the illustrators whose books I helped select, along with Marjorie Ingall and Frank Viva, for the  New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Books of 2015.  Way back in September, we spent a day at the Times looking at over 2,000 books before selecting ten for the honor. Unlike other awards such as the Caldecott where the whole book is considered this one is for artistic merit alone. Here we are at work at the start of the day. A lot of books, right?


We then had to wait till the end of October for the list to be announced, keeping the fact that we’d been on the jury secret along with our choices.  That was hard!  And then there was yesterday’s breakfast ceremony where the illustrators of the books we selected were honored. It was wonderful indeed (and poignant as we had selected two books that featured the Eiffel Tower). Here are a couple of photos from the day, courtesy of Times photographer Earl Wilson.


In the front row are Pamela Paul (editor of the New York Times Book Review), Lizi Boyd (Big Chair Little Bear), JooHee Yoon (The Tiger Who Would Be King), Sophie Blackall (A Fine Dessert), and Duncan Tonatiuh (Funny Bones). In the back row are Greg Pizzoli (Tricky Vic),  Sydney Smith (Sidewalk Flowers), Patrick McDonnell (The Skunk), Christian Robinson (Leo), and Maria Russo (children’s book editor at the New York Times Book Review). Csil (Madame Eiffel) and Guojing (The Only Child) were unable to attend.

And here is the jury: Frank, myself, and Marjorie.

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