I’m on Sabbatical next Spring and so…an Offer

My school gives out one sabbatical a year and, happily, I’m the lucky teacher who received one for next year, taking the spring semester off to work on my Alice in Wonderland project. But not all the time. You see, for the first time, I’m completely free during the school year to accept speaking invitations without having to try to figure out if I can get the coverage, be allowed to go, etc. You can get a sense of what I like to talk about here, but I’m open to new ideas as well. One thing I’d really love to do is be a teacher/writer in residence at a school, something I’ve never been able to do before. I could model my work with the close reading of Charlotte’s Web, for instance, or with Mourt’s Relation (a Pilgrim historical primary source), do Alice (I do a mean Lobster Quadrille:), or talk about Margru and the Amistad and Africa is My Home (hey, Connecticut — that’s your home turf!). So if you have any interest in my coming your way —to a conference, school, library, university, or something else, let me know!

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One response to “I’m on Sabbatical next Spring and so…an Offer

  1. Sara Logan

    I wish I were still attached to a school so I could take you up on this!

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