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Thinking and Learning About Cultural Appropriation

Currently, I’ve been following  the conversation around the cultural elements in Raina Telgemeier’s GhostsI was impressed with the book when I read it back in July, appreciating the warm relationship between the sisters, the setting, and the plot. A few months later I became aware that there were questions around the Day of the Dead aspects of the work. Not being of the culture represented I listened to those who were, finding Yuyi Morales’ comment on a Reading While White post and Laura Jimenez’s review especially helpful. Concerns about the California mission setting were also considered by Debbie Reese. Now the Mock Newbery blog, Heavy Medal, is grappling with the book.  Mulling over the discussion I’m reminded of the essays in the recent Guardian article, “Whose Life is it Anyway? Novelists Have Their Say on Cultural Appropriation.” They were insightful and helpful — I highly recommend reading them all.



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