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Frank Cotrell Boyce’s Sputnik’s Guide to Life on Earth, Cover Reveal

I’m a huge Frank Cotrell Boyce fan having first encountered him through Millions, his debut children’s book that also was a delightful movie. He followed that with Framed and then Cosmic, one of my (and several of my teacher-colleagues’)  favorite yearly read-alouds. (My blog review is here.) In fact, I was recently trying to decide, as I’m on the last chapter of my current book, whether it should be next. Years ago, when Walden Pond Press heard of my enthusiasm they organized a Skype classroom visit with Frank (for which he had to go to a neighbor’s —I think he didn’t have internet at the time or something like that) which was a blast. In 2013  we finally met in person at the Edinburgh Book Festival . (You can see my report, including mention of his talk there and a photo of us together, here.)  A screenwriter as well, Frank was one of the writers for the clever (remember the many children’s literature references?) 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony.

Frank’s books are always thoughtful, funny, and spot-on perfect for middle grade audiences. And so I can’t wait for his newest, Sputnik’s Guide to Life on Earth, out in the U.S. on June 20th. Here’s the publisher’s description:

Prez knows that the best way to keep track of things is to make a list. That’s important when you have a grandfather who is constantly forgetting things. And it’s especially important when your grandfather can’t care for you anymore and you have to go live with a foster family out in the country.

 Prez is still learning to fit in at his new home when he answers the door to meet Sputnik—a kid who is more than a little strange. First, he can hear what Prez is thinking. Second, he looks like a dog to everyone except Prez. Third, he can manipulate the laws of space and time. Sputnik, it turns out, is an alien, and he’s got a mission that requires Prez’s help: The Earth has been marked for destruction, and the only way they can stop it is to compile a list of ten reasons why the Earth should be saved. Thus begins one of the most fun and eventful summers of Prez’s life, as he and Sputnik set out on a journey to compile the most important list he has ever made—and discover just what makes our world so remarkable.

 Award-winning author Frank Cottrell Boyce returns with another unforgettable story of heart, humor, and finding one’s place in the universe.

And — ta da — here’s the cover!


Thank you. Walden Pond Press, for the opportunity to reveal the cover for Frank’s latest!


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