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The Day After

Today is my sister’s birthday. Until now one of the worst historical events that occurred on it was Kristallnacht in 1938 Nazi Germany. Now it is also the day Trump won the US Presidency. My poor sister. Poor us.

Here are a few random thoughts I just posted on Facebook:

1. My wise and liberal political scientist father. Lewis J. Edinger, died in May 2008 thinking it wasn’t possible for a country so full of racists, to elect an black man. When it did I kept thinking, how happy he would have been to be proven wrong. And then again in 2012 — it would have pleased him enormously. A Holocaust survivor and specialist in German politics, who regularly answered my questions as to how Hitler and the Holocaust happened, I wish he was here now to help explain what has just happened and what might happen next.

2. Having been a Peace Corps Volunteer in Sierra Leone taught me that you can think it won’t happen “here” and then it does. I knew Sierra Leone as a relatively stable country in the mid-1970s. A couple decades later it was a country awash in brutality and horror. Things can change on a dime. Even in America.

3. I teach children. I have a life-threatening illness. Yet I’m an optimist. I’ll try to continue to be one and assume things aren’t going to go downhill from here. I will look for what is beautiful and do what I can to help in this dark time.




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