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More on Those KinderGuides

“On the Road,” with its recurring references to sex, drugs and domestic violence, might not seem like an ideal bedtime story for a child. But that’s precisely the point of KinderGuides, a new series of books that aims to make challenging adult literary classics accessible to very young readers.

That is from Alexandra Alter’s New York Times piece, “Forget ‘Pat the Bunny.’ My Child is Reading Hemingway.”   Back in August I read with disbelief PW’s KinderGuides piece and wrote a snarky blog post giving my…er…strongly negative response to them. Today you can learn more about them and various responses to them (including mine) in Alter’s article. Two small bits of good news: they seem to have dropped consideration of Haruki Murakami’s The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle and James Joyce’s Ulysses, the latter “because we haven’t read it.”

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