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 Megan Whalen Turner, Wonder Woman, and Thick as Thieves

This Wednesday I had a great time at SLJ’s Day of Dialog where, among other things (e.g. moderating the fabulous YA panel) I heard Megan Whalen Turner give a fascinating and wonderful talk on creating a map for her fictional world. I go way back with Megan, the person and the writer, and so we arranged to get together yesterday after her Books of Wonder signing. While I’d thought perhaps going somewhere quiet for drinks after a long (and happy) day at Book Con, it turned out what Megan really wanted to do was to see Wonder Woman. And so we did; I can’t think of a better person with whom to see that very entertaining movie. It was so much fun! (And I won’t be ashamed to acknowledge that we managed to pretty much finish up that popcorn:)

I read Thick as Thieves back in January and now realize I never posted my thoughts here (though I did on good reads and put it on my Newbery list  there).  So here they are, better late than never:

Coming back into this world was fabulous. Turner’s writing is simply stellar. I enjoyed so much descriptions, wit, and more. She has that world so clearly imagined it is amazing. This is a journey story, but also about war, politics, slaves, empires against small nations, and individuals. You definitely don’t need to have read the other books for this one, but easter eggs and more are fun for those who have. (I’m assuming that all who read will wonder, for example, just who the Attolian is:). Bravo, Megan Whalen Turner — worth the wait!


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