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A Very Special Publication: The Riverbank Review


Today, there are constantly fantastic new publications featuring children’s literature. These are generally digital and focus on a variety of audiences: children, parents, educators, librarians, collectors, book sellers, and others who are deeply engaged with this literature. There are also some venerable older journals such as School Library Journal and The Horn Book Magazine (both of which I’ve contribute to).

One of my absolute favorite all-time journals featuring children’s literature is The Riverbank Review which was active between 1998 and 2003. It was physically stunning as well as totally engaging in every way. It was a labor of love originally and now there has been another labor of love — every issue has been digitized and placed on a beautiful new site.

You can learn more about the journal’s history here, access every single issue here, enjoy the covers (by such luminaries as Jules Feiffer, E. B. Lewis, and Lois Ehlert), and more. (And you can read my two essays for them if you wish — “Adventuring with Alice” and ““Off to See the Wizard,“) What a special and wonderful gift to all of us!



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