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My Quick Visit to Berlin Where I Found Floor Rieder’s Gorgeous and Clever Alices

I spent Thanksgiving in Berlin, a place I’ve been to often due to my family background. (My first visit was a childhood one with my mother, originally from Berlin. In the spring of 1965 it was a memorable experience.) An American friend who had never been to Germany joined me as did a dear German family friend. We visited the Pergamon Museum, leisurely saw the complicated city’s sights via bus and boat, spent a day exploring Potsdam, wandered the area near the Neue Synagogue (seen in the photo above) and more. As for gastronomy, we enjoyed curry wurst and flammkuchen (sort like pizza) at the Ständige Vertretung, chili hot chocolate and waffles at Rausch Schokolade, and best of all, Königsberger Klopse (a favorite of my father’s) and Rote Grütze (almost as good as my mom’s) at Max und Moritz.

I didn’t do any shopping other than for chocolate and Haribo, but at KaDeWe I did take a quick gander at their toys (thank goodness I bought a bunch of Steiffs as a child as the prices are crazy now) and books. And there I found a totally gorgeous edition of Alice illustrated by the Dutch artist Floor Rieder.  I hope someone decides to publish it here in English as it is wonderful. Her method is a mix of scratch board, cut-out, and ink. You can learn a bit more about the book and see some of the illustrations here (click on the image to see a slide show of 14 of them) and here.


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