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Action Words for 2018

Ironically, 2017 was both challenging and good for me. The challenges came in politics, in world events, in grappling with my privilege, in recognizing my need to change, in tense conversations, in pain global and personal. The good was because I was on sabbatical for seven of the twelve months, a happy and productive time that brought me back to school this fall refreshed. I don’t have resolutions as such, but here are some words I’m living by these days and will do so all the more deliberately and consciously in 2018:

  • I’m listening a lot as I follow difficult and important conversations about diversity, race, identity, gender, and more.
  • I’m pondering what I thought I knew, what I thought was true, and how to reconcile this for me today.
  • I’m avoiding assumptions.
  • I’m trying to be more outspoken and more visible as an ally — hard for me as both an introvert and shy in unfamiliar situations.
  • I’m learning always, reaching out to know more in areas that are necessary for me as a person, human being, teacher, world citizen, and more.
  • I’m reading out of my comfort zone.
  • I’m leaning into discomfort — to be honest, trying to.
  • I’m regularly rethinking my teaching so it better serves all my students.
  • I’m still championing and drawing attention to Sierra Leone in particular and other parts of Africa that I don’t know as well too.
  • I’m trying hard to be always willing to change.

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