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My Thoughts on The Wrinkle in Time Movie

I’m one who adored the book as a young reader (you can see a sample of my fan art here) and so I did my best to go into the movie with a recognition that it was an adaptation, film, and made decades after the book was written. Here are some thoughts after seeing it.

  • Thought the back story of the father was beautifully done. Loved the opening scenes of him with Meg, with her mother, as a loving couple, family, and as brilliant scholars. Outstanding!
  • Storm Reid is wonderful. She is able to communicate so much, so subtly, in her face. Stillness, anger, fear, love, terror, determination….a Meg for the ages.
  • The trailers had me a bit apprehensive about the Mrs Whatsit, Who, and and Which as they came across as a bit plastic, but that was not the movie. Each is fully realized, not perhaps exactly as they are represented in the book, but in ways that worked beautifully for the movie. In particular, I liked that they were for the audience — children today, not children in 1962. Liked Mrs Who looming instead of her mostly being a shimmer and then a horse-sort-of-thing — that would have not worked visually today, I don’t think.
  • Uriel — loved loved this first world they visit. The flowers, the colors. (Less so, Mrs Whatsit’s transformation, but you can’t have everything:)
  • I can’t say I remember well the original Happy Medium, but the scene in the movie worked well for me. The balancing, the seriousness leavened with some humor.
  • The movie Charles Wallace, while bright and unusual, didn’t seem as far on the spectrum as the book one. That said, Deric McCabe is captivating in the role.
  • Good tessering, all!
  • I suppose it would have been impossible to successfully represent a two dimensional world cinematically, but I have to admit I’d been looking forward to seeing it. Ah well — that is me ancient-lover-of-the-original-book. Won’t matter a wit to those just enjoying the movie. Doesn’t really advance the plot, after all. Just a cool literary thing.
  • Great job with the robot children and mothers in Camazotz.
  • Did I miss something, or did only Meg get gifts? What about the others? Guess it is Meg’s story, but it made the other two seem a little fuzzy to me in terms of intention and importance.
  • Interesting that The Man with the Red Eyes stuff is set on a beach full of regular-looking people instead of a scary office of regular-looking people. Certainly, good to update from L’Engle’s comment on the bland office worker, but the beach-goers puzzled me, I must admit.
  • Calvin is a delight — wasn’t he an athlete in the book? Feels more rounded in the movie. So I liked him better than the book character! Levi Miller does a great job.
  • I completely understand the reasoning  behind eliminating Aunt Beast, but I did yearn for her. Not rational, but my ten-year-old self from across the decades can’t help it.
  • It is definitely a smart movie for kids and that is fabulous. Can’t wait to find out what my 4th grade students think. Hoping they are all going to clamor for the book now — one kid is already reading our class copy.

The more I think about it the more I like it for what it is — a smart, smart, original, different movie for kids today. At first wasn’t sure I wanted to see it again, but the more I think about it the more I do.


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