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About That Royal Wedding

Until yesterday morning I had just about no interest in the wedding. To be honest, not following it closely, I wondered why so many were so engaged. What, I wondered, made this British monarchy so compelling still? Especially for us in the United States? I was aware that the bride was American and bi-racial, divorced, and not exactly “typical” for the British royal family. Nonetheless, when people wrote of getting up early to watch the event, to have parties, etc I smiled bemused and went on with my work.

However, it so happened that I am a very early riser and so, yesterday,  happened upon a report that the service was starting and thought — why not check in? So I did, with mild curiosity, and was blow away. For I came in just as Bishop Michael Curry began, and that was that — I was solidly in.

I’ve been working intensely on a new project featuring the slave trade and much of my research has been about the British involvement. And so seeing the descendants of perpetrators and the enslaved marrying, being part of the celebration, in that ancient tradition was incredible, for me tear-inducing.  FWIW, here are my tweets (first are at the bottom) as I watched:

  • No one should allow the  to make them think it proves things are okay. They are not. It does show that the world has changed for the good in this one small case. (Small for all the wedding is big.)
  • Listening to “This Little Light of Mine” and watching those horses and carriages that were long ago the exclusive traveling method of slave owners, my goodness.
  • More gospel!!!!!
  • Doesn’t change the horrors of today, but I’m so moved by  all the same. For just an hour we can see that the world has changed.
  • Watching such prominent descendants of those who perpetuated and suffered during the eons of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, is surprisingly moving.
  • Been so deep into Britain and slave trade so seeing this happening … is tear-provoking.
  • Ben. E King’s Stand By Me now being sung by a gospel choir.
  • Don’t care about dresses and celebs much, but this ceremony is amazing. Reverend Michael Curry
  • “Dr. King was right. We must discover love.” Reverend Michael Curry
  • Okay, changed my mind. I tuned into the  in time to hear Bishop Michael Curry preaching and it is extraordinary.

I do hope this pushes the Royal Family to make some big statements about their family’s complicity in the slave trade. It is overdue.

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