Hard Listening

I’ve been doing a lot of in-person and social media listening these days. I have for years, but recent conversations have made me do some serious reflecting on systemic racism and my part in it.  Say by supporting it by smugly thinking I’m better than certain of my fellow good white folk. Instead of this wasted and wrong-headed thinking, I need to do the work with them, take responsibility for it as a fellow white person of privilege. I need to push myself harder to get past my own limitations due to introversion and personal background, to figure out how to speak up more no matter how uncomfortable it makes me feel. Most of all, I need to never stop listening and learning, especially from those who challenge me, who push me to reconsider, to change, to do better. Fellow privileged white people: we’ve got a lot of work to do.




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2 responses to “Hard Listening

  1. Carol

    I find it tough to know when I’m being a good ally versus trying to come off as a ‘white savior’. Lately I think it’s more speaking up when POC aren’t present and and then chiming in supportively when they are.

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    • Yes. Too much ends up on the shoulders of IPOCs. And it is all too easy to slip into the “white savior” spot. My school had us meet in affinity groups and I was a co-facilitator of a white one. And also last summer did them when at the “Let’s Talk: Teaching Race in the Classroom” workshop at the National Museum of African American History and Culture.


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