Teaching and Learning About Slavery: Plantations Near the Whitney

Yesterday I posted about my visit to the Whitney Plantation Museum , the only one in this country to the best of my knowledge, focused exclusively on the enslaved. On the way back, our tour guide Joyce stopped outside the gates of Oak Alley Plantation, a few actual miles from the Whitney and a million metaphoric ones from it. This is because, in contrast to Whitney, it still focuses on the owners’ lives of opulence and lavishness with barely a mention of the enslaved who made that happen. Joyce told us of the galas and weddings that regularly take place on its grounds, seemingly all too typical of most other plantations today.

Poking around I came upon the following video that makes Joyce’s point as vividly and disturbingly as possible. Hopefully, these places will do the necessary work to change and tell a more accurate story. (As is, I gather, Monticello, the one other plantation I now recall  I did visit many years ago, is starting to do.)

In contrast, here is a far more historically honest video (from the New York Times) featuring the Whitney Plantation:



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  1. Hi Monica, we spent a night at a cottage at Oak Alley 4 or 5 years ago, and the next day visited the Laura Plantation, which had quite a lot of focus on skavery and the slave quarters. When I first read your description of Whitney, I thought maybe that was the place we had visited, but obviously Whitney does much more than Laura. Thanks for writing about this!

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