This Teacher is NOT a fan of Teacher Appreciation Week

Just saw this headline which encapsulates my problem with this week:

Where teachers can get free food and discounts for Teacher Appreciation Week May 6-10

I’d prefer to put my own paid-for-myself food on the table, thank you very much.  This is a challenging, challenging job and we need to be (all of us) properly compensated for it so free food and discounts are not so critically needed. (Not to mention working extra jobs, summers, etc, etc, etc.)

Appreciate us by recognizing how important our work is (taking care of YOUR children) and pay us for that.

The end.



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3 responses to “This Teacher is NOT a fan of Teacher Appreciation Week

  1. maryleehahn


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  2. Anon

    As a teacher I am glad of the recognition we get this week. I’m so tired of people being offended by every little thing. Don’t go to the places offering deals and keep quiet. I will be enjoying my freebies this week and thanking the generous PTA at my school for the treats they are providing.


  3. Can see your point to be fair. No “appreciation” discount will make up for the extra love and care we put into our job, but it’s a token of recognition in a form. On the other hand, it can seem as just a marketing tool from teaching resources sites so that defeats the whole idea. Two sided blade really.


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