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Good Endings

I’m not a GoT fan, but have followed the discussion of the finale with interest as it is so in the public right now. The following from this article caught my attention:

Yet how many readers have fallen for and fallen into Tolkien and Rowling’s worlds, only to let out a disbelieving protest in the final pages? “Gollum would never have stumbled with the ring into Mount Doom?” “Voldemort’s death makes no sense.”

Huh? is my response. The ending of Harry Potter wasn’t about Voldemort, but other things and it was hotly debated by fans. But Lord of the Rings? I was unaware that there was any debate or discontent about Gollum and the ring — it felt right and satisfying and fitting to the rest of the story.

I think more of my irritation with the ending of Lost, another television show with a following (if not on the level of GoT).  Fringe was far more successful for me.  Thinking of others and will be back. You?


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