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Marilyn Nelson and Jerry Pinkney’s Sweethearts of Rhythm

With a twilit velvet musky tone as the pawnshop door is locked, an ancient tenor saxophone spins off a riff of talk. “A thousand thousand gigs ago, when I was just second-hand,” it says, “I spent my glory years on … Continue reading


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The Books! The Judges! The 2010 Battle of the Kids’ Books is Nigh.

Fuse#8 has the scoop — the contenders and judges for this year’s SLJ Battle of the Kids’ Books!  We’ve been scheming, I mean, planning this for months now and I am very excited.  Hope you all are too! As soon … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Newbery: Seven Distinquished Books

Since the Newbery Committee members had to come up with seven nominations, I’ve decided to go with seven too.  Seven potential winners among the many other titles I admire from this year. Seven that may or may not be recognized … Continue reading


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