Africa is My Home

“Edinger tells the story of Margru’s long journey home, supporting her fictionalized narrative with primary sources like news clippings and engravings. The best of Byrd’s exquisite ink-and-watercolor pictures show Margru sleeping under New England quilts while dream images of Africa wreathe her head.”  New York Times 

“As Margru, a child from Sierra Leone, is herded aboard the slave vessel Amistad, she never expects to see her home again. But in this remarkable story, she does.”  Cleveland Plain Dealer

“With more than 40 stunning illustrations, this unique narrative should find an appreciative audience.” School Library Journal Starred Review 

“Margru’s descriptions of the strangeness of life in America and her homesickness for Sierra Leona are incisive and heartbreaking.” Publishers Weekly

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10 responses to “Africa is My Home

  1. Monica, what a beautiful book. You and I have both been busy since visiting Sierra Leone together in 2011. You’ve written this great book (among other things) and I’ve started a nonprofit for Bumpeh Chiefdom, SL, where I served in the Peace Corps. Thought I’d tell you I posted your book trailer on the Facebook page for Sherbro Foundation. I’ll look at putting it on the website: Please contact me about showing the book cover image. I’m going back in Nov & will definitely take a copy. Would love to read it to kids (and adults) there. Congratulations!
    Arlene Golembiewski


    • Arlene, lovely to hear from you. Thanks for featuring the book on your organization’s facebook page. It would be fantastic if you would bring a copy with you to Sherbro. I can’t recall — did you all go to Bonthe in 2011? Someone somewhere said there was a school named after Margru there or something indicating the remains of the Mendi Mission. Is that the case? I am dubious, but I figured, you never know.


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  3. jess kennedy

    hi, monica, i’m jessica kennedy, 5th grade teacher. your africa book is WONDERFUL. i met you and your parents 25-30 years ago when you came to rocky hill, NJ to visit toni and leber scasserra, our neighbors. reply if you have time.


    • Hi Jessica, thanks for stopping by and for the expression of enthusiasm for AFRICA. It is especially gratifying for me to hear from fellow teachers who see it as worthwhile. I have to say I don’t remember the Scasserras at all or visiting them. Do you know why we did?


  4. Wow I didn’t realize you were the Monica Edinger who wrote this book, which is a proud part of my collection. But how could I not! Fantastic!!!


  5. Bárbara Gómez Cruz

    Your book is completely amazing. My children and I are enjoying it so much, just a few pages to end the story are remaining. We go a little slow because I have to translate it into Spanish, we are Chilean. And I was wondering if you are thinking to translate your book or maybe it´s already translated.
    (That´s how I get here!) It´s a gift for everybody that reads your beautiful story. Thank you for your art and sensitivity. This story will remain forever in my kids heart.


  6. Thank you so much! I’m aware of a plan to translate it, but I would love it. I will let the publishers know. Thanks again so much for letting me know.


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