E. B. White Author Study

I’ve been doing an E. B. White author study with my 4th graders for over thirty years. Here are a few links to material about it.

You can get a sense of how I teach the unit (in 20016)  in this abridged version of  the assignment my students receive.

For a much earlier version of the assignment I’ve  a chapter about it in my 2001 Scholastic book, Using Beloved Classics to Teach Reading Comprehension.  (That link is to a pdf of the whole-book so you can easily find the chapter.)

I’m in this amusing video about whether Charlotte’s Web is a classic.


For fun I created one of those silly buzzfeed polls: Which Charlotte’s Web character are you?

Here’s a blog post on close reading featuring my 4th graders doing it with Charlotte’s Web.

After Charlotte’s Web I have the kids read Stuart Little and/or Trumpet of the Swan and then create E. B. White theme boxes. For the last couple of years our inspiration has been the work of Melissa Sweet.  You can see one class’s boxes and writing about them here.