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One Lovely Blog Award

I was blithely reading through bookwitch’s list of ten favourite blogs, intrigued that I didn’t seem to know any of them, when — bam— I came upon mine!  So first of all, thanks so much, Ann! Now it is my … Continue reading


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In the Classroom: Sixteen Years Later

I just found this unpublished essay from 2004 about my teaching with technology.  What a leap from the word processors we were using in 1994 to the wireless netbooks all our 4th graders have today.  This coming Tuesday we will … Continue reading


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In the Classroom: Introducing The Arrival

So yesterday I introduced the book to the class and it went really well. Here’s what I did: 1. I showed the kids the book, opening it up so they could see the pages. “What is unusual about it?” I … Continue reading


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Teaching with YouTube

I’m discovering that YouTube is a very neat teaching tool. Here are a few ways I have or plan to use the site: A few weeks back Fuse #8 posted the results of her search on YouTube for Alice in … Continue reading

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Reading Aloud Alice

Dear Alice, Your visit this year was excellent as always. My students appreciated enormously the wit and wisdom of your story, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Only one had actually read you before; the rest knew you vaguely from the Disney … Continue reading


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