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Reading Aloud Casey

Dear Casey, Yesterday you came up in a chapter I was reading aloud to my class* from the forthcoming Candace Fleming title, The Fabled Fourth Graders of Aesop Elementary School. You see, the fourth grade teacher in the book decided … Continue reading


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Really Reading Grimm

Thanks to Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast for drawing my attention to the excelsior file. Having just spent some time in the blog’s archives I’ve got to agree with their marking this one a thinking blog — it sure is! … Continue reading


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Teaching with Blogs: Podcasting Literary Salons

A favorite weekly event in my classroom is Literary Salon. A couple of kids bring in baked treats, I provide juice, and a bunch of the kids do prepared readings from books they are reading or have recently finished. We … Continue reading


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Teaching with Blogs: Amistad Poetry

On Wednesday my class had a truly magical hour with poet Natasha Trethewey who is at our school this year as a visiting artist. Aware of Natasha’s interest in history and primary source documents, I asked her if she would … Continue reading


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Five Blogs that Make me Think

J L Bell, on his Boston 1775 blog, has designated educating alice as one of five blogs that makes him think. Since his blog makes me think too, I’m incredibly honored by this. As for this particular meme, it apparently … Continue reading

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Teaching with Blogs: Why?

Yes, my fourth graders are going to be blogging. Since my epiphany with their journals a few weeks ago, I’ve gone exploring to find out more about other teachers’ experiences having students of this age blog, worked closely with a … Continue reading


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Teaching Dilemmas: Journals or Blogs?

      Journals are bedrocks in my teaching practice. On the first day of school I give each child a composition book and a letter from me that begins like this:   Welcome! I am very excited about our … Continue reading


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“Assigned” Reading

Kelly at Big A little a refers to an article in the Washington Post by Valerie Strauss, “Assigned Books Often Are a Few Sizes Too Big.” I began to write a comment on her blog, but realized I had too … Continue reading


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In the Classroom: Ralph Fletcher’s Joy Write

Some may have read or heard this story before, but for those who haven’t here it is again. It is what made me passionate that no young writer I taught ever had the same experience. So my story. I loved … Continue reading


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White People Apologizing

Recently, there have been a few prominent instances of white people apologizing for racist behavior. Early this morning I came across Martha Brockenbrough’s excellent Twitter thread on this prompted by two situations. One is Anita Hill’s refusal to accept Joe Biden’s … Continue reading


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