I enjoy moderating panels and speaking to a variety of audiences including fellow educators, children’s book lovers, technology folks, parents, and others interested in what I have to say at a variety of venues and conferences including  NCTE, NCSS, The Jewish Museum, The Chicago Historical Society, the New York Public Library, International Literacy Organization, JFK Presidential Library, Bank Street College of Education, an Open Book Foundation, the Library of Congress, and others.

Here’s a video of a very entertaining panel I moderated at the October 2015 Book Fest at Bank Street College, “Young Women in the (Plot) Driver’s Seat” with Laura Amy Schlitz, Jeanne Birdsall, Kat Yeh, and Liz Kessler (Emily Windsnap.

Other recent presentations include:

“Lewis Carroll and His Alice” International Board on Books for Children Regional Conference. October 2015. (I wrote an article for School Library Journal about this conference here.)

Who’s Alice: An Evening with David Del Tredici, Elizabeth Carena, Monica Edinger, and Robert Sabuda.” Lincoln Center Library for the Performing Arts. October 2015

Children’s Literature Salon: Alice in Wonderland. New York Public Library, December 2015.

“Playing in Wonderland” FILIJ (Mexico International Fair of Children’s and Youth Books) November 2014.

The following link to the complete text of some older talks:

If the Shoe Fits: Literary Fairy Tales and Their Audience (Children’s Literature New England Institute, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA. 2005)

Revolutionary Teaching (Perhaps) with Children’s Books  (Children’s Literature Connection Conference, Albany, NY 2003)

My Travels With Alice (The Whole Story: Historical Fiction and Kids Conference, Oakland, CA 2001)

Others include:

Giving Your Elementary Students Their Blogs  (NYSAIS Teaching Tech Conference, May 1, 2009)

JFK Presidential Library Picturing the Past Imagining the Pilgrims March 2009

National Council of Teachers of English

I have presented regularly at NCTE. Some of my presentations include:

Inventing the Past: Historical Fiction Comes Alive 2013
They’ve Got the Whole World at Their Fingertips 2008
Notable Children’s Books in the Language Arts 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005
Pig Iron and Ranches: Beyond Ellis Island with American Memory 2000
A Fourth Grade Teacher Finds an Intellectual Home On-Line 1998
Young Historians: Telling Other People’s Stories 1996
Fourth Grade Scholars: A Multicultural and Multimedia Cinderella Story 1994
Memoirs and Alice in Wonderland 1993

The Jewish Museum, New York City, NY.

Becoming American: Teaching Immigration Through Art and Artifacts 2006.

Lewis Carroll Society of North America, New York City, NY.

The Many Faces of Alice 2005

Will be presenting my students’ work at the fall 2016 conference in NYC.

Library Connections Institute, New York City, NY.

Exploring the Past 2004

New York Public Library, New York City, NY.

Beyond the Books: Bringing Fantasy Literature Alive in Your Library and the Classroom 2008

Primary Sources Workshop 2004

Children’s Literature Connection Conference, Albany, NY.

Revolutionary Teaching (Perhaps) with Children’s Books” 2003

Chicago Historical Society, Chicago, IL.

History Lab Forum 2003

International Reading Association

Imagining the Past: Fourth Graders Read and Write Historical Fiction 2000
A Classroom Teacher and Author Collaborate on a Virtual Project: Is it Real? 2001

The Association of Children’s Librarians of Northern California Annual Conference

My Travels With Alice” The Whole Story: Historical Fiction and Kids 2001

National Council of the Social Studies

Seeking History: Teaching with Primary Sources in the Upper Elementary Classroom 2000

American Memory Institute, Library of Congress

History Collage 1999

Kids Learning History II

American Memory: Teaching History with Online Primary Sources from the Library of Congress 1999

Association of Independent Maryland Schools

Information Skills and Primary Sources in Education 1998

Parents and Reading Conference, Fordham University

Reading On-Line : The Library of Congress’s American Memory Site 1998
Fantasy Literature in the Classroom 1997

New York Association of Independent Schools

Computers and Writing 1994 and 1993

NCTE/NYIT Computers and Writing Conference

Writing Process/Word Processing 1993

Association of Computer Educators Conference

Computers and the Humanities 1986

Logo86 at MIT

The Second Revolution 1986