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Jack Langstaff, Wild Mountain Thyme, and Other Specialnesses

One of the iconic members of the CLNE group was the marvelous imp, Jack Langstaff.  He led us in song and dance and was such a wonderful part of the experience that it was very hard when he was gone.  I do have to say Gregory Maguire has a lovely singing voice, but as anyone who was around for Jack at CLNE knows, no one can replace him.  After mentioning (and first mispelling) “Wild Mountain Thyme” in my previous post I went searching for a video of it. Didn’t find one with Jack, but did find this one of Bob Dylan and Joan Baez singing it.

And then here is Jack in one of his beloved Revels.

Kinda cool and Thanksgivingy, I think.  Enjoy the videos and the holiday for those who celebrate it.

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