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Park on Pratchett

With Moist, Pratchett manages a neat trick. All of the other characters (save the villainous Lavishes) comment on how charming and resourceful he is, and then Pratchett makes him appear charming and resourceful to us as well. This is no small feat; it’s like a ballplayer pointing to a section of the bleachers before knocking the next pitch there. Writing is supposedly about showing, not telling, and Pratchett has gone ahead and done both.

Ed Park discovers Discworld

(Thanks to Jenny Davidson for this.)


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Terry Pratchett at Union Square Barnes & Noble

Just discovered that many of the authors who come to the Union Square Barnes & Noble are video taped and you can watched them on the web. I heard Terry Prachett there a few years back and he was wonderful. This time round I wasn’t able to go (mostly because I would have had to get there hours early, no doubt, to get in) and so was delighted to discover that you can see it all right here.

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What Do Terry Pratchett and John Ruskin…

have in common?

Hint #1: I just noticed this in Pratchett’s latest book, Making Money, but it evidently also appeared in The Truth (which I read long before this blog existed and don’t remember well at all, sadly).

Hint #2: Is here.

Attempted answers in the comments, please!


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Moist von Lipwig is Back!

I feel pretty out of touch with adult books right now what with all my Newbery reading. I skim the New York Times Book Review and read several literary blogs, but pretty much don’t focus well on the adult books at all. My mind is too overflowing with children’s books of all shapes and sizes right now.

But there are exceptions. When I read that there was a new Thursday Next book coming out, I got it and read it right away. And now I see that Terry Pratchett has a new Discworld novel just out, Making Money. How could I possible have missed that?

Not only a new book, but another one featuring the hero of the splendid Going Postal, one Moist von Lipwig. And even better, just checked and audible has it so I can listen to it!!! (I listen to books running and walking to school. With the rare exception I stick to adult books. Right now I’m listening to The Woman in White on Kelly Herold’s recommendation — it is great!)

For those unfamiliar with the Discworld novels, they are fantastic in a very British way. They follow in the footsteps of the Douglas Adam books and you can even see how they come from the same pot that creates Dr. Who. Sci-fi, silliness, and wit all mixed up in a very British way.

Pratchett’s YA/children’s books about Tiffany Aching take place in Discworld and include some of his reoccurring characters (notably Granny Weatherwax). As much as I like them, I still like the adult books better. When Pratchett is in top form, there is to my mind nothing more fun and smart.

And he is going to be here next Monday (my birthday and this blog’s birthday) at the Union Square Barnes & Noble. Now I went to such a signing a few years ago and it was fascinating. Pratchett hadn’t been in the country for a while so there were fans who had traveled as far as Boston to see him. He was terrific, but I was almost as interested in the fans as in him. I will probably pass this time as I had to go hours early to get a seat. But I do recommend the books at the least.

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