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In the Classroom: On the Radio — Shaun Tan and Me!

The BBC radio program, The World, did a feature on The Arrival today. There’s an interview with Shaun as well as a few comments from me and even something from one of the class podcasts. They very nicely provided links on their website to this blog and my class blog. So welcome to anyone who came here from there. Take a look around and go here for a bunch of posts on my teaching of The Arrival.

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In the Classroom: Shaun Tan Visits

Shaun Tan and Arthur A. Levine Visit My Class

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In the Classroom: Our Arrival Box


Today my class will give our beautiful Arrival Collection box to Shaun Tan in person. I only hope we can express to him how wonderful the experience of reading his book has been for us.

The children have created all sorts of fantastic documents, artifacts, maps, drawings, and more for the box — all based on this amazing book. Here are a few of them, but do go here to see them all. They are wonderful!


One of the many birds in the book.


The man’s pet.


The game.


The ship’s manifest



A Map of the Old Country





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In the Classroom: The Arrival and Ellis Island

Last Wednesday we went to Ellis Island. At the kids’ request I brought along a copy of The Arrival and they brought their little booklets. Rushed as we were (the buses were late and we had to get back for our Halloween party, of course!), they were fascinated and many busily took notes throughout the exhibits. They loved seeing the actual Registry Hall, the large photographs that were used as research by Tan, the dormitory, the intriguing exhibits about the tests that new immigrants had to go through — just the whole space was remarkable to them. Even the seagulls flying around them on the ferry ride made them think of Shaun Tan’s birds flying over the steamship as his protagonist came into his new land.

The next day one child wrote that his favorite room was the “golden” one where there were walls of ships’ manifests, identification forms, and other materials directly related to The Arrival. Others loved the rooms describing those horrible tests that the new immigrants had to take (and were beautifully presented in Tan’s book). The connections between the immigrant experience, what they saw at the Museum, and Tan’s book were remarkable. For a bit more and a few photos head over to my class blog to read this post.

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In the Classroom: The Arrival Box

As I mentioned in another post I used The Ellis Island Collection (a collection of beautiful reproductions of documents and artifacts related to Ellis Island) as a resource while reading The Arrival. Now we are using it as a model as we make our very own box of artifacts.

Every day we get new ideas about what we want to put into the box.

Already the kids have made a ship manifest, written letters, created a steamship ticket, food, birds, identity cards, family photographs, a diary, postcards and more is on the way.

Most exciting of all, in a couple of weeks we will be giving this box to Shaun Tan in person.



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