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Now THIS is the sort of celebrity-written kid book I go for!

There’s been so much discontent in our small little corner of the literary scene about celebrities (say actors or singers or politician’s children) dashing off children’s books.  Well, I just want to point out that Neil Gaiman is one BIG celebrity and I’m not seeing any carping about that, thank goodness!

In fact, the Newbery is getting media mention in places heretofore I would suspect the word has never been used.  MTV, anyone?

Neil Gaiman, the prolific multimedia scribe who we’ve been mentioning quite a bit lately in reference to the upcoming 3D animated adaptation of his novel “Coraline,” has been awarded the John Newbery Medal — one of the most prestiguous awards for children literature — by the American Library Association. Gaiman received the award for his recently published story “The Graveyard Book,” about a boy raised by ghosts.


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Gaiman Gets It

Speaking by telephone from Los Angeles, where he had been doing press interviews for the forthcoming film adaptation of his first children’s novel, “Coraline,” Mr. Gaiman said he was stunned by the award, partly because the book had already found a popular audience. “The Graveyard Book,” published by HarperCollins Children’s Books, has spent 15 weeks on the New York Times best-seller list for children’s chapter books.

“I had thought that’s nice, there are books that are best sellers and books that are winners,” Mr. Gaiman said. “Very often, the world of award judges, and I think rightly, use their magical judging powers to try to bring books to the attention of the world that might not have otherwise been noticed.”

And also from the  NYTimes piece on the awards:

Rose V. Treviño, chairwoman of the Newbery committee, said the popularity of Mr. Gaiman’s novel had nothing to do with its selection. “We chose the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children,” she said.

It is about literary excellence.  Period.

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