Live! On Point! All About Summer Reading! For Kids! Of Course!

Today I was on the NPR program, On Point, along with Esme Raji Codell and Pete Cowdin, talking about summer reading for kids.  It was a blast! If you missed us live you can still listen to the show here.

Coming up with the requested “seven or eight” recently published titles was torture and so I ended up with nine.  (Our lists are on the website — just scroll down to see them.) Figuring the radio audience wouldn’t be as familiar with kids’ books as many of us and wanting to suggest books I know for sure are kid hits ( as I’ve read them aloud and/or given them to my students to read) my list is a mix of new, well-known, some less-so, some for slightly older kids, some for younger ones, a few quirky titles perhaps, and so on.  There’s a graphic novel (volcanoes!); one nonfiction (having just seen Philip Hoose and Claudette Colvin* at ALA accepting various awards it was on my mind); one picture book (fictionalized, but based on a real story); and the rest are novels for middle grade kids and up.  I enjoyed putting it together and had a great time doing the broadcast.  I’ve done a few radio shows, but always over the phone. Pretty neat, I have to say, to do it in an actual NPR studio.

* I first saw Phil and Claudette speak about the book last fall at the Schomburg Center here in Harlem.  Claudette had a lot to say to the teens that comprised the bulk of the audience.  Very, very moving indeed.



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13 responses to “Live! On Point! All About Summer Reading! For Kids! Of Course!

  1. great hearing your voice today, coming across the ether…thanks for gracing Boston with your spirit!


  2. karen kosko

    Great ideas for kids and their parents for summer reading and beyond…how about a weekly radio show??


  3. Thanks. I had so much fun doing it. Karen — a weekly radio show would be amazing. But in our dreams, I think.


  4. I agree with Liz — Oprah seems like the next step in your media journey!


  5. This is wonderful! Great picks on your list and I am so glad you got to do it on NPR. I was at the ALA CSK awards and got to meet the real live in person Claudette Colvin. How amazing is that? Too cool!! I guess we might have been in the same audience at some point…


  6. Great site. I would love to get my books reviewed on your site. You can take a peek at the books at my site at


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