Jane Austen Goes to the Super Bowl with Rosanne Cash

One hopes the unfortunate incident involving the lady’s corset is not repeated on this occasion.

It must be a truth universally acknowledged that Miss Rosanne Cash is possessed of the good fortune of a sharp wit equal to that of Miss Eliza Bennet. Forget about all those other Austen mashups. The best par none are Rosanne’s #JaneAustenAtTheSuperBowl tweets. Starting a few hours before kickoff, Ms. Cash kept the ball in the air for hours, soon joined by other like-minded ladies and gentlemen of twitter. Here are few more choice bon mots of hers, but better still — walk to Netherfield — I mean to Twitter to see more of hers and the many others that joined in.

Regarding the Legume Chorale, it grieves me to note that the spectacle exceeds the musicality.

Are they to be murdered on the field?! Such an ill-advised display of manhood is indeed alarming.

The extraordinary costumes worn by the gentlemen are indeed indicative of the rapaciousness of the event.

There is a uniformity of ill-favor in the appearance of the spectators. Who are their families? Tradesmen, surely.

Such lust for possession of an inanimate object so entirely lacking in aesthetic merit does not bode well.

The gentleman in the stripes? A known blackguard! I send no compliments to his mother.

Some ladies are determined to sport bonnets made of cheese. I must take to my bed.

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2 responses to “Jane Austen Goes to the Super Bowl with Rosanne Cash

  1. Genevieve

    I can’t thank you enough for posting these, Monica! I was completely unaware of them and they would’ve enhanced my Super Bowl enjoyment measurably. What a pleasure it will be to read them now.

    Or, I should say: How excessively diverting!


  2. Anne Stockwell

    I always did like Rosanne Cash. And I do agree about the Legume Chorale!


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