Fun with Nursery Rhymes!

I’ve the following review over at my Huffington Post blog along with a slide show of some of the panels:

Nursery rhymes tend to be relegated to the realm of the very young, remembered by adults as cute little bedtime ditties. Well let me wake you all up — First Second Books’ Nursery Rhyme Comics is indeed cute, but it is also funny, clever, and highly entertaining, filled with traditional rhymes made fresh and new. Edited by Chris Duffy (who also contributes), with an informative introduction by children’s literature historian Leonard S. Marcus, this delightful volume consists of 50 topnotch cartoonists — among them Roz Chast, Jules Feiffer, Kate Beaton, Lucy Knisley, David Macaulay, Patrick McDonnell, Tony Millionaire, Craig Thompson, Gahan Wilson, and Gene Yang — each giving their own take on a rhyme. It is definitely one of those books for all ages — parents can enjoy reading these with toddlers on their laps while older kids are bound to enjoy poking through the book on their own. Check out the slide show to get a taste!



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3 responses to “Fun with Nursery Rhymes!

  1. Monica:
    Thanks for the slide show. It was just what I needed to move that book back into my shopping cart from my wish list.
    I can’t wait to get it!


  2. I love nursery rhymes: I miss having a young child around to read nursery rhymes aloud with.


  3. Robin

    I bought one copy a few days ago and it’s clear I need at least three more in my classroom. Pairing this with A Pocketful of Posies is going to be lots of fun! I loved the slide show, too.


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