Did This Truly Happen?

(Disclaimer — this is a gossipy sort of post.  Not my usual thing, but I’m dying to find out more about this and have had no success so wonder if it even happened.)

So anyway, yesterday I was at a BEA-related lunch at The Modern in a room facing MoMA’s sculpture garden and someone mentioned that the day before there had been another event hosted by Tina Brown during which a man in the sculpture garden stripped off his clothes, got way too close to a few sculptures, and then ran into the museum with security guards in hot pursuit.

Now I think that must have been quite something (evidently the event was celebrating the new book on Princess Di) and so I’ve tried to find out more.  Unfortunately googling things like, “Museum of Modern Art naked man” does not bring back the information I have in mind.  Anyone have some suggestions how to proceed to get the correct information?  Did it really happen? Was it a sad crazy person or a kooky artist?  Inquiring minds (mine, at any rate) want to know more.



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2 responses to “Did This Truly Happen?

  1. Laurie

    I was at that earlier lunch — hosted by Doubleday, not Tina Brown, though she was one of the authors on display (along with Ian McEwan, Kate Christensen, Valerie Martin and others). There was indeed a man, but he was shirtless, not entirely naked, and he was running around the sculpture garden and dancing on the bridge. No one seemed to know what he was up to (celebrating Richard Serra?), and he was hustled out by security with the mystery intact.


  2. Thanks so much for giving us a firsthand account. Amazing how quickly and easily a story gets blown up. Shirtless is not nearly as interesting as naked, now is it?

    It is pretty cool that you found your way here to tell me the truth. Very, very cool!

    Thanks again.


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