Eeyore’s (the Best Children’s Bookstore Ever) Is Remembered

I well remember the Eeyore’s on Broadway and 79th Street, a a warm and cozy store with absolutely lovely employees.  At the time I was a lowly teacher who loved children’s books (and a lapsed illustrator) with no connections otherwise to the children’s book world.  I just liked visiting the store.  There were often fantastic seasonal paintings on the windows that were done by employee Brian Selznick (who also came to my school to read his first children’s book, The Houdini Box).

Very sadly, the stores both closed and sometime later Nora Ephron honored the Westside one in the film “You’ve Got Mail.”  My good friend Roxanne Feldman (aka fairrosa) worked at the Eastside store (before I knew) her and has clued me in on all the prominent industry folk who worked there.  They have a yearly reunion; this year was the 15th and a lovely tribute is in PW.  Read it to see what all those remarkable Eeeyore’s folks have been doing.  Eeyore’s Alums Look Back – 10/2/2008 – Publishers Weekly



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3 responses to “Eeyore’s (the Best Children’s Bookstore Ever) Is Remembered

  1. Thanks for this, Monica. I can’t even begin to count how many of my childhood books — all of which my kids have now — were “Eeyore books”, most from the Broadway store, but some from the Madison Ave. one, from Saturday afternoon walks along the Upper East Side.

    I was still living in NY when it closed and I remember being very, very sad. I’m glad the store still lives on in so many hearts…


  2. So, this is crazy to find this now. I was passing by a new bookstore opening on 81st and Columbus today, citing itself as the inspiration for You’ve Got Mail, which is my favorite movie. So I googled and read about Eeyore’s. I am now down the rabbit’s hole! This is FASCINATING. I love children’s books–just went to the NYPL exhibit on them. They are crucial to children’s development and creativity and a HUGE part of my life. Anyway, I couldn’t get the link to the article on the Eeyore’s reunion. Who were the other notables? Great to find your blog!


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