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Suzanne Collins’ Catching Fire


I know, I know.  Green.  Green. Green.  What can I say?  I’d be green with envy too.  But I’m writing this to let you know that you have a wonderful reading experience to look forward to.  Collins does not disappoint.  And rest assured that I will not divulge anything here that might compromise this upcoming pleasure for you.


So I came home earlier this week to a package with a mockingjay on the cover. Heart pounding I opened it and found an ARC for Catching Fire, the highly anticipated sequel to Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games, one of my favorite books of last year.  Instead of immediately scarfing it down, I decided to nurse it.  Now I admit that it defies logic that I managed to take a few days to read it as it is as much a page turner as its predecessor.  However, I knew it would be a year until the third volume and so I wanted this reading experience to last as long as possible. As a result, in addition to appreciating the remarkable plotting, world building, and character development that are as strong as ever, I was reading slow enough to register (and recollect) Collins’ little humorous asides here and there, especially some wry comments from our girl, Katniss.  Unfortunately, I can’t quote them without giving stuff away, but do look out for them.

Is it as good as The Hunger Games? Yes.  Yes, indeed.  Certainly, I’d wondered.  With the games over and Katniss and Peeta due to take off on the Victory Tour, wouldn’t this be a bit of a let-down of a read?  Well, no, not at all.  I promised no spoilers so I’m not going to provide any plot info.  I’m sure you can find that elsewhere if you want it.  I can only say that Collins is developing this story in a way that is thrilling, confounding, and occasionally mind-blowing.  Major and minor characters from the previous volume reappear and become more complicated in every way.  The world does too.

Now I have read a lot, a lot.  So I can often see where an author is taking me.  But Collins?  She managed to surprise me over and over as I read this book.  The twists and turns of the plot are brilliant and I definitely did not see things coming.  What is going to happen in the third volume?  I have to say — given the many astonishing moments in this second one — I haven’t a clue.


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