Coming Soon: A Conspiracy of Kings, by Megan Whalen Turner

I had some informal information about this, but now it is official!

11/23 I’m reading it now — post about getting the ARC here.

11/26 reading update — it is great and I’m trying to make it last as long as possible.

11/28  I finished and it is great. Gave it five stars over at goodreads, but no review as is too far away still from publication date.


(Thanks to Charlotte’s Library for this.)



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23 responses to “Coming Soon: A Conspiracy of Kings, by Megan Whalen Turner

  1. Oh Monica, you have made me so happy but April of 2010? Excruciating!

    Cacthing Fire who?


  2. I am delighted, if impatient. I love those books wildly, and to know that a fourth is coming is bliss.


  3. Nina

    *slthhrrp* *slthhrrp* [sound of saliva hitting the deskop]


  4. It truly is to squee for, isn’t it! And thanks for the link back to me.


  5. Elena

    Oh my gosh I am so excited for this! I re-read this series at least once a year and fall a little more in love every time. I, too had heard rumors of this but thanks for confirming it!


  6. grape

    YAY!!! I love this series! I just read it like 2 months ago and am contemplating reading it again :) Another book will be so much fun!!


  7. Mari



  8. Voration

    I am really happy about the news but at the same time I can’t help but despair -its almost a year until its published and available to read


  9. Rach

    hi. on alot of other sites it says that the release date is in 2010. what’s the deal here, why does this website say 2009. sorry but i have read these books like 200 times and i am on the edge of my seat for the third.


  10. Rach

    the fourth i mean oops


  11. Er, where does it say 2009? If you click on the image it says 2010.


  12. Anna

    I have been waiting 3 whole long and terrible years for this book!!! i am so excited that now i have a name and summary!!!


  13. emilytida

    yay! I’m so excited! do you guys know anywhere I can read the first few pages of the book? sometimes they release the first few pages on the internet.


  14. ‘Fraid there is nothing out there as of yet.


  15. MelangellAK

    MAN is this good news. Been following this series since I read the The Thief in 7th grade (1999). Went from being a young adult to being an adult and still love them just as much and recommend them as much as I can.


  16. DonnaJoSmith

    YAY!! These books have been my favourite for YEARS. I usually just make the librarians angry because I check them out so often that perhaps three-some other people have been able to read them since they’ve come out, but recently just bought em. I am SO happy to hear that this one will out as well; they ROCK!!! Gen is my FAVOURITE!!! Anyways, toodles, and THANKS!!!


  17. Remembrance

    I pre-ordered this book two months ago, and I never pre-order books. The only question is this: can I actually survive until March 23?


  18. NoNi

    wOw.. i just checked out “the theif” from my uni library 2 weeks ago so i won’t be bored waiting for my driving classes.. I ALREADY FINISHED THE KING OF ATTOLIA DURING MY EXAMS AND I LOVE IT!! I can only thank god i didnt read it sooner or i might have been in for a VERY long wait!! CANT WAIT!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


  19. Aly

    I wish I hadn’t discovered this now, because I’m going to be squirming in anticipation until March 23. :) Goddammit, why couldn’t I have heard about this sometime next year, maybe, so I’d be able to read it immediately?


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  21. tidaemily

    I’m so excited too! However it seems like those around me have no clue about any of the books in the series. Do you guys think that the queen of eddis and sophos will make a good match like the queen of attolia and Gen?


  22. Racheal

    About effing time!


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