Real Authors Writing Real Letters to Real Kids

The Rumpus ‘s new Letters for Kids is a fantastic idea. I think I vaguely read about the adult version of this cool thing at some point and forgot it, but here is the kid version. Love, love, love it. I’m wondering if it is okay for a grown-up to subscribe just to see what it is like.  Or is that too creepy?

This Just In: Announcing Letters For Kids! Letters For Kids is just like Letters In The Mail, except intended for subscribers six and older. We’re helping people appreciate the post office at a younger age.

You’ll get two letters a month written by middle-grade authors like Lemony Snicket/Daniel Handler, Adam Rex, Kerry Madden, Natalie Standiford, Susan Patron, Rebecca Stead, Cecil Castellucci, and more.

Some of the letters will be illustrated. Some will be written by hand. It’s hard to say! We’ll copy the letters, fold them, put them in an envelope, put a first class stamp on the envelope, and send the letters to you (or your child).

Many of the authors will include a mailing address on their letter so you can write back. But we can’t guarantee it. We can’t control these people. Some of them live in the woods.



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5 responses to “Real Authors Writing Real Letters to Real Kids

  1. Since I already write real REAL letters to real kids who write to me, classes who write to me, kids who send emails to me, I don;t quite get what this service is doing.


    • But these authors won’t be writing in response to letters from children and so who knows what they will write in these! (They say the kids can write back, but don’t guarantee any sort of correspondence.) I just know kids don’t get a lot of snail mail and suspect they would delight in receiving these. Of course, you could say it is sort of a mini-newsletter or something like that, but I do find the idea of it more charming than just sending them a usual publication.


    • Annette

      We are getting ready to teach a letter writing unit. I have searched for you mailing address and cannot find it. Would you mind sending it to me?
      Thank you in advance.


  2. All the authors I know write back to kids all the time. As long as there is an address to write back to. . .



  3. Sam Bloom

    Monica, I want to do it, too! We’re “six and older,” aren’t we?! =)


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