The Elements of Style Rap?

Will Strunk in the house but don’t call me junior
Grammatical genius. Number one word groomer.
I teach English 8 at the school of Cornell
Choose your words carefully or I’ll put you through hell.

E.B. White on the mic, former student of Strunk
A story that flows is all I need to get crunk
Write for the New Yorker, papers marked up in scarlet
I spin webs with words like my name was Charlotte.

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3 responses to “The Elements of Style Rap?

  1. Oh. my. gosh. This made my morning.


  2. I LOVED this. What a great way to introduce a whole new generation to the Elements of Style, one of my all time favorite grammar books. This book was given to me by no other than my engineering doctoral advisor. He gave it to all his students when they began to write their thesis.


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