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In the Classroom: The Problem with Reading Logs and What I Did About It

Long ago I was delighted when there was a strong movement to have students select and read their own books rather than teachers using those tomes known as basal readers. I happily jumped onto this band wagon. Wanting to be … Continue reading


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Summer Reading Suggestions from My Fourth Graders

Well, they won’t be “my” fourth graders after tomorrow. That is when we have our annual Arch Day when students go through an arch “and into the next grade.”  That said, today they are still fourth graders, great readers who, … Continue reading

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Summer Reading Suggestions For and From Kids

By now many have weighed in with their recommended summer reading suggestions for kids, but most who have are adults.  (You can check out a video Betsy Bird and I did last summer with our suggestions here.) But what about … Continue reading


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In The Classroom: Reading Aloud

Because of Mary Lee, a fellow classroom teacher as well as the author of a book about reading aloud, I’ve come around and decided to play, inspired by her superb post today on reading aloud in the classroom. You see, … Continue reading


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In the Classroom: Reading Aloud as Community Building

My students won’t be in school for a couple more weeks yet, but I’m slowly starting to turn my mind back to the classroom.  I’m thinking about how I want to set up the room when I can first get … Continue reading


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Live! On Point! All About Summer Reading! For Kids! Of Course!

Today I was on the NPR program, On Point, along with Esme Raji Codell and Pete Cowdin, talking about summer reading for kids.  It was a blast! If you missed us live you can still listen to the show here. … Continue reading


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In the Classroom: Independent Reading and Nonfiction

“I like adventures. Not atlases!” was my 11-year-old nephew’s reaction to recent probing by this auntie of his reading habits. I should have known better. Anthony Horowitz warned in a recent interview about the perils of “auntie’s choice” when it … Continue reading


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In the Classroom: Reading Homework

“The only homework I assign is to read for at least 30 minutes a night.” (said I in yesterday’s post) “Had an interesting discussion w/ a friend on why I despise using the word homework for reading time. That fosters … Continue reading


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In the Classroom: Teaching Reading

In the past week I’ve read two completely oppositional articles on teaching.  The first was “Tyranny of the Test: One Year as a Kaplan Coach in the Public Schools” by Jeremy Miller.  It is a superb piece providing a disturbing, … Continue reading


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In the Classroom: “Poor Kids” and Reading

The latest to give his list of summer reading books for kids is Nicholas Kristof, op-ed columnist for the New York Times.  In “The Best Kid Books Ever” Kristof writes: In educating myself this spring about education, I was aghast … Continue reading


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