On Noel Streatfeild’s Ballet Shoes

I was a big Noel Streatfeild fan when young and still have my British Puffin editions, picked up in Foyle’s when I lived in Europe (and visited London during holidays).  I remember reading about the BBC production of Ballet Shoes that was broadcast last Christmas and am glad to know it is soon to be available here on DVD.  Roslyn Sulcas in today’s New York Times has an interesting piece about the book and film, “Lessons in Dance and Life on Paper and on Screen.” And here’s the trailer for the film:




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3 responses to “On Noel Streatfeild’s Ballet Shoes

  1. Thanks for the link to the article and the trailer; I just posted about the Shoes books myself and have been of two minds about seeing the Ballet Shoes movie–off to read the article now. Thanks again!


  2. I learned as a child in the Wakefield Branch of NYPL that books with ugly covers — that is, rebound in dull buckram because of heavy use — were often the best books. I took Ballet Shoes out over and over again, in its slate blue buckram that was hard to keep open. I really loved it.
    I think I will rent the movie, but the review was not exactly comforting.


  3. Oh dear, not very good news. I think we’ll just stick to the books…


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