My Guilty Pleasure

Thanks to Eva, I’ve just come across a new series on NPR with a great premise.  They are asking for confessions of “…your illicit literary (or not-so-literary) love” and they’ve started with Brad Melzer confessing that, ““Real Men Read (And Love) ‘Twilight’ — Really.”

One of my guilty reading pleasures is definitely New York Magazine.  It is full of trashy articles about the unhappy rich, teens doped up on Ritalin, adults too, private school mania, and so forth.  I tell myself I have to read it because of my work (as I teach in a school that is the sort often featured), but who am I kidding?  I read it for pure pleasure — guilt-ridden.

Anyone else want to ‘fess up?



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4 responses to “My Guilty Pleasure

  1. I can go one layer of guilt better: I still watch “Real World” and “Real World/Road Rules Challenge” (in my defense, those are the only two ‘reality’ shows I watch).


  2. What a cool idea for a series. I’ll keep an ear out for it.

    I can’t think of anything besides Twilight for myself. Oh! I do read the Buffy comics religiously. *grin*


  3. I love to read People magazine, in print or online. Sometimes I am forced to buy a copy if I am not in a doctor’s office where I can catch up on past issues.
    It keeps me in touch with a lot of popular culture that I do not otherwise see, like American Idol.


  4. betty t

    can it get much worse than “real housewives of orange county”?

    fortunately most of my pleasures do not produce guilt….

    hey just read Ashley’s autobio today (finally) – cool to read that he taught for a time at Dalton.

    Have fun at BEA.


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