A Few of My Underrated Movies

She picked two movies I’m a fan of (though not equally), and two movies I’ve never even heard of, but they look fascinating:

That’s Matt Bird’s intro to my Cockeyed Caravan guest post now up.  As might be expected three of the four movies I chose are related to children’s books.  But they may still surprise you so do take a look (and add your own ideas about underrated movies in the comments if you are so inclined).



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2 responses to “A Few of My Underrated Movies

  1. riddleburger

    Oh yes, Young Visiters! What a treat!

    Best movie ever written by a nine-year-old? (I can’t quite think of another, actually.)


  2. Well, best movie adapted by a book written by a nine-year-old. (And some think the original book is a hoax and Daisy never wrote it at that tender age.)


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