Tolkien Scholars Consider Two, Count ‘Em, Two Hobbit Films

The untitled sequel is described as bridging the 60-year gap between the end of J. R. R. Tolkien’s “Hobbit” and the beginning of the “Rings” trilogy….

Okay, now we are Tolkien scholars of some 30 years standing, and even we can’t quite figure what this is about. The drowning of Frodo’s parents? Aragorn’s deeds in Arnor? Balin’s failure in Moria? The torturing of Arwen’s mom by the orcs? The life of Gollum?

Hobbit news examined

Thanks to New York Magazine’s Vulture Blog for the link.


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One response to “Tolkien Scholars Consider Two, Count ‘Em, Two Hobbit Films

  1. hobbylobby

    If you’re correct – then it isn’t really the Hobbit, is it?

    could be Gandalf’s / Aragorn’s search for Gollum and the torture which Golum endured in Minas Morgul.

    very little happened in the Shire during those years, apart from some sleuthing by Merry and Pippin to find out Frodo’s plans.


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